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Thread: DMX controller suggestions? For..

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    DMX controller suggestions? For..

    I need a DMX controller to control 2-4 LED bars, 2 strobes, 2-4 Moving heads, and a laser (That has a Pangolin FB3-SE board)

    I don't need a controller that's too excessive.. just to control said lights.

    Any suggestions?
    Maybe something that readily comes up on Craigslist I could buy used for a good price?


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    What price range are you looking at?

    Perhaps a Chauvet Obey 70?

    Elation DMX Operator 192?

    Or if you need some more advanced features, a Magic 260.

    There is always the software route as well.
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    I've got the obey 70, it'll do the job and then some, $150 at

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