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Thread: Is it really worth getting 2000 Nexus vs standard CDJ 2000s?

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    Is it really worth getting 2000 Nexus vs standard CDJ 2000s?

    Whats the key differences and do they matter in your opinion?

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    there are few, but in my opinion both are very similar.

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    The mark1 are great and do 95% of what the nexus1/2 do in my opinion. The main reason why i upgraded was for the auto hot cue load which saves you from having to manually hit the load button for the hot cues after a track is loaded. With the style i play its invaluable to have the hot cues load at the same time the track loads. Other than that, the touch screen of the nexus2 is cool and i like the new slip cue function and the qwerty keyboard for searching is a godsend. As far as the mk1 vs nexus, id only get the nexus if you wanna noob out with a waveform and sync or need the hot cues to load on the fly. I prefer the platter of the mk1 since its heavier than the nxs2
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    Only difference i know is that the 2000nxs has a sync button other than that they are a pemium player, good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieseldefv View Post
    Only difference i know is that the 2000nxs has a sync button other than that they are a pemium player, good luck.
    Sync button and waveform on screen and auto hot cue loading are the only real improvements Ive seen. Auto hot cue loading is the best thing ever if you use them a lot, it saves you some annoying extra button presses when youre playing quickly on the fly

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    The CDJ 2000 nxs also recognizes a auto loop from rekordbox you have set at a certain point.

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    The regular CDJ 2000 has auto loop recall capability on hot cues or regular cues too.

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    It really depends on your needs.. a lot of the differences are very specific features, a lot of them networking related, that matter a lot to some people and not at all to others.
    Here's a great writeup that explains most of the differences.

    Basically the main difference between the original 2000 and the 2000NXS so far as I understand it is that the NXS has a fancier screen with fancier features like waveform zoom. It has a sync button! Because the NXS models is where they started communicating tempo information between both decks and the mixer over the ethernet.... You can read tracks from your cellphone... And there are a few other things.

    But basically if you are a mixing DJ who like me, comes from mixing for years on a plain old CDJ with no waveform, no beat counter... I am just as happy on a 2000 as anything else. In fact I not long ago got a pair of XDJ1000mk2 which I have been told is very much like the CDJ2000NXS2 only with no CD slot. And what I found is that most of the extra features are things I don't use anyway.

    Actually what I found is that, since I haven't been using rekordbox but only using tagged aiff files direct off the usb, the 2000 is actually better in some ways because the waveform loads pretty quick without having to use rekordbox.. the deck generates it. But with the XDJ1000mk2, yea it will generate the waveform on the deck.. eventually. Maybe by the time the track is over It has beautiful waveform features if you use rekordbox, better than the 2000 ever did.. but without rekordbox it is kind of lame. On the other hand I had decks with no waveforms for years.. then ones with very very limited waveforms.. and I never cared too much about it. So yea, would I rather have decks with less sexy waveforms and not be forced to use rekordbox? Or get awesome waveforms but have to use rekordbox? Or just not worry about waveforms?? Ya see, everyone has different priorities. But basically Pioneer wants to lock you into using Rekordbox, it is annoying but that's how it is. The newer the deck, the more pressure you will feel to use rekordbox. Most people just use it and don't complain the way I do. I'm starting to accept my fate.

    But ya know, if you rent your gear out, or if you want to use some of the more advanced features, if you plan to get a nexus mixer some time.. then it might be worth it to you.
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