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Thread: Revo 4 rating

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    Revo 4 rating

    What's everyone's opinion on the Revo 4? My business is in a small rural area where the max guest list is 200 (usually). Right now our light rig consists of Chauvet 4 bar led and Chauvet LX5. I am looking for a centerpiece light in the $200-$250 range.

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    How Central are you. I liked the Revo 4 for what it is. But, I must say some of the lighting guys on here are from Bloomsburg and State College and run huge lighting systems with Moving Heads, so don't sell your market short. There is alot of people in PA willing to book some nice big shows. Now I am in the NE PA, and almost all my shows take uplighting, monograms, and moving heads.

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    I'm located just west of Selinsgrove. Your right I don't want to sell myself short or the customer. There aren't that many DJ's in the area providing uplighting, monograms, and moving heads. What would be your suggestion for a centerpiece light?

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    I think the Revo 4 would make a good centerpiece for what you have now. Or the Chauvet Cirrus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damusicman View Post
    There aren't that many DJ's in the area providing uplighting, monograms, and moving heads.

    This guy is about 10 minutes from you. (Sound in the videos suck)

    And you are within my market

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    I personally like the REVO 3 better than the 4. I think the 4 really needs haze to look good. Also the Revo 4 looses its wow factor and distorts on uneven surfaces or when the angle of throw is steep. The Revo 3 looks great pointed on the ceiling or floor regardless of the angle or contour of the projection object. A Chauvet 4 play might compliment your 4 bar well.

    It sounds like you are in the same type of area I am in and you are just starting out. I started out with a few halogen effect lights and par38's and now have moving heads and 22 uplighting pars. As your business grows so will your rig. I live about 1 1/2 hours Southeast of you and realized how visual brides were when shopping for a DJ so I focused on lighting that nobody really used in my area such as full room uplighing and moving heads. Slowly the competion are buying the same.

    Here is a shot of my Revo 3 on ceiling and Quad Gem on the floor.

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    I've done a stage gig in Selinsgrove before but don't remember what it was. Too long ago. I think it might have been a presidential campaign thing.

    There are a few people in our area moving into the moving head area. A friend of mine just got a case of Mac 101s.
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    I am from the Harrisburg area, but I am getting more and more requests to go up to the Nory and Sunbury area. I am on the verge of getting heads, but the issue that I am running into is that I am getting calls to go up, not because of the equipment, but because of the overall service I present is better than what they are finding in the area (and that is not to slam anyone, it is just what they are telling me and I am sure they have not seen everyone in that area as well). I have yet to run into a bride that is specifically looking for a DJ with a moving head. I run 8 LED Pars and 4 Martin SCX 500's I also provide uplighting as an option as well. I am just tying with getting a couple Blizzard Torrent 90's just so I can have the interchangeable Gobos for monograms.

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    I liked the Revo 4 a lot when I was just starting. It has good built in programs and the ease of use with a UC3 controller is nice.

    As my light show has grown and become a lot more DMX focused I have found the Revo 4 to be limited. I think you can only access something like 12 programs via DMX and controlling colors is difficult.

    I think if you are after a quick splash of color for dancing the Revo 4 has pretty good "bang for the buck". If you are thinking of growing your lightshow to include more programmed scenes there are better lights to look at.

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    Eh, I'm not too fond of LED matrix style lights.

    Have you considered maybe an ADJ Quad Phase?
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