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Thread: Internet Weirdness on Feb 27, 2024

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    Internet Weirdness on Feb 27, 2024

    There was general weirdness going on yesterday (2/27/24). In the end, admins and mods are basically waiting for the internet to fix itself.

    It started in the afternoon (EST) when I went to check on DJF. It wouldn't load and resulted in this:

    After seeing this, I tried to ping DJF and didn't get a response.

    So then I reached out to our hosting service. They saw DJF just fine... and even sent proof from a variety of locations (CA, VA, Paris, etc.). I disengaged thinking it was just me.

    Then I reached out to Dix to see what he could see. I'm on the east coast of the US, and he's in the mid-west. He couldn't load DJF either.

    I re-engaged the hoster. As a test, the support person explicitly added my IP to DJF server's whitelist. I was able to load DJF afterwards. After being removed from the whitelist I could still load DJF, so I disengaged the hoster.

    When I returned to Dix, hours later, we could both load DJF. While successful, we aren't satisfied that we or the hoster did anything to make this happen.

    Still, a win is a win. So this post is being made to say that strange things are indeed afoot at the Circle K.

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    things are back to being most non-heinous.


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    Had no access for 48 hours, woah.

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