I've been using a pair of Akiyama Acura turntables (the same as the Reloop RP6000) for many years, nearly 15 years, and I love them, but I've been toying with the idea of replacing them.

My first option was to buy second-hand MK2/5, but I can't find any that are in decent condition, or the ones that are, are too expensive. I've had the MK2, and I think I miss its pitch control.

The second option is the Reloop RP 7000 MK2, but I have a feeling I'll end up with a similar turntable, especially when it comes to the pitch control. The pitch on the Acura is good for DJing, but I have to adjust the mix frequently. Does the pitch on the Reloop improve anything?

Basically, what I'm looking for is a turntable with Technics-like torque and pitch control as close to analog as on Technics. I'm not sure if the RP7000 MK2 will give me what I'm looking for, or if it will just change the aesthetics of the turntable.

I'm not even considering the MK7; they're too expensive for home use.

Thank you very much!