I am in the process of designing a lighting system for a band. Wireless control is attractive, but there seem to be many possible standards. The only thing I know I prefer not to use is the type that has receivers that need their own separate power supply, or ones that require that I recharge them.

I will be installing many of my lights on a truss, and leave the lights on each 5' truss section. Then, I am making custom boxes to hold the truss/light units. So, I imagine I should put a single wireless receiver at perhaps the end of each straight truss run. Then, each light in a section will have the DMX cable daisy-chain between units. And between sections will be a DMX cable to connect them.

What is the most common wireless DMX standard in use by DJ's?
Would bands tend to use a different standard?

Are wireless Art-Net or sACN standards common for DJ's or Bands?

There are a lot of cheap Wireless DMX circuit boards for sale on E-bay. I imagine it is viable to install them inside some fixtures. They don't list a standard. And in fact, most of the systems that I've seen, don't list a standard. So, perhaps every individual seller assumes you will buy into their own system and not buy other brands... even though many of the very cheap ones are just relabeled from the same mfg. I am guessing that the American DJ, Chauvet DJ, and other brands each have their own incompatible standard. Correct?

I appreciate your comments.