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Thread: pioneer buys serato

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    pioneer buys serato

    I'm sure everyone will have an opinion on this.

    Personally I'm not into pioneer gear, and have always seen Serato as overpriced and monpolistic back in the day.

    As to what it will mean for Rekordbox vs Serato only time will tell who survives, but as the commercial DJ industry will probably shrink (cough) AI (cough) I say let 'em fight it out.
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    Well... wow.

    I guess that this means that no one is trying to buy Traktor from Native Instruments.
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    I’m not happy nor optimistic about this. My biggest fear is an update that turns your perpetual (paid for) license and turns into a subscription only model like RekordBox currently is.
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    ^ thatd be f*cked up

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