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Thread: Connecting a XDJ-XZ to a Denon Prime 4? HELP

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    Question Connecting a XDJ-XZ to a Denon Prime 4? HELP

    Hello all,

    Apologies first if this is being posted in the wrong location.

    It's been awhile since I have done this as I typically hate daisy chaining sets off one another due to connection issues, but I have a show I am promoting and have multiple artists performing which some want to perform on Engine, while the others want to perform off Recordbox.

    I have a Prime 4 which the majority will be using, but I want to daisy chain a XDJ-XZ off the Prime 4. I have ran two different cables. One quarter inch out from the unbalanced booth on the XZ to the Denon on ch.3 via rca. No audio. I tried the dual quarter inch's on the balanced send next to master on the XZ. Still no audio.

    Switched out the quarter inch to dual rca to RCA to RCA and still no audio.

    Do I have to turn on a setting in the Prime 4 to get Ch.3 to work? I am assuming I can't use Ch.4 on the Prime 4 since that is a output channel? Im already using Ch.1 and 2 on the Prime 4, but I even tried both these two channels and still no audio.

    Appreciate any help

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    Whatever ch u connect to, make sure the mode is set to THRU under the upfader.

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