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Thread: DIY simple scratch turntable

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    DIY simple scratch turntable

    I would like to create a DIY scratch turntable like but a cheap version !
    Do you have some tips and hints to find online electronic parts dealer.
    The parts are for example : stylus, motor, speaker, bpm slider etc...
    Thanks you for your help

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    A Spinbox is just a cheap crapola cardboard basic portable turntable, it's not designed for scratching.

    I would not attempt that if you have no prior experience of working on a turntable. Anything cheap is usually not suitable for scratching, because by nature it requires a heavy duty turntable, not something flimsy that will pick up any vibration. Besides, buying all separate spare parts will likely cost more than buying a second hand turntable. Buying a second hand Numark TTX-2 or Stanton STR8-150 will avoid a guaranteed headache.

    The best compromise in a portable scratch turntable is the Numark PT-01, used by people like Sid Wilson.

    Ebay example:

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    I agree with you, Spinbox is not a very good quality but it is still expensive ! Not a scratch ready turntable but you can mod it.
    My challenge is to made my own portable scratch turntable, I have already find some elements on China (alibaba...).
    I have 2 numark PT01 scratch and 1 vestax handytrax, plus Serato DVS system.

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