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Thread: New to mixers, trying to chose for my first mixer. Please advise :)

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    New to mixers, trying to chose for my first mixer. Please advise :)

    Hi there
    I am after a mixer with the following requirements:
    -2 vocals
    -An electric and acoustic guitar direct plug in - I notice some have high Z and some dont have high Z inputs, not sure if that means anything
    -Phantom power (for individual channels but if this gets too complicated then dont worry) - As i have a mix of mics that require phantom power and some dont. Hoping to just reuse them.
    -Output for a foldback speaker
    -Input for laptop music
    -Some basic Fx in the form of reverb and delay. Nothing crazy
    -USB out would be good but not too hung up on that

    I was quite impressed by soundcraft notepad fx12 (in terms of sound quality) but it doesnt have outputs for a foldback speaker
    I like the Behringer ones due to low price point and they include things like a compressor. Perhaps a behringer x1622?
    Maybe the Yamaha MG12XU will be similar??

    Speaker wise i have an alto TS415. Might add another similar speaker later
    I think i am planning to mainly use it to practice my vocals/guitar for a live situation / backyard parties and maybe some light DJing in the future.

    Lvie in Sydney, australia so my local stores storeDJ, mannys may not have the entire range.

    Ive done a lot of reading but dont have much practical experience so was hoping to get some help to decisively pick a few mixer options either from the above or outside, so I am able to buy with confidence.

    Many thanks

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    I have a pair of Mackie Profx8's that check all those boxes, these have been used regularly for the last 8+ years with no issues, they sound good and are very low noise. The Allen&Heath Zed10fx has similar features and generally gets good reviews for it's sound quality too. I also have a Yamaha MG console.. it's the first generation in the steel chassis, this too has all of these features except for USB which is something that came with the following generations. All of these mixers sound quite good but I think the Yamaha has the least peak headroom.. any red lights at all sounds pretty harsh.
    I'm not a fan of Behringer analog mixers, they sound alright but tend to develop mechanical issues fairly quickly, I guess something has to give at the price point they occupy.
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