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Thread: New female dj!!!!

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    New female dj!!!!

    Hey all!!!

    I'm a newbie from Greece!
    I'd love to share some mixes etc

    Here are my links :

    link removed

    Share some of your songs with me as well!
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    Welcome aboard !

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    Welcome to DJF, djDOT! Check out the Beginner's MEGA thread in my signature to get the non-music basics down.

    Ibrarasc also started out recently. He probably has similar questions to you. Check out his threads but don't hesitate to start your own.

    Have fun on your journeys!
    Visit DJF's Beginner's MEGA thread and drop by my Facebook Fan Page.
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    ... I will remember you guys when I am playing in front of 60 preteens at my cousinís bar mitzvah

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