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Thread: Lionel from France

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    Lionel from France

    Hi everybody, my name is Lionel, I live in southern France.

    My musical styles are DJ/House Music/HipHop/Scratch/Turntablist/Portablist/Open Format.

    I seriously mix for about 3 years, but i always loved house music.

    My mixes are house music based but with a lot of eclectism. I love discover and listen to new musics.

    I like to scratch also but i am not yet an expert !

    Rythm is life, life is rythm, so i mix music (mainly electronic and hiphop/turntablism/scratch) to make world better.

    I want to share my love of music and my mixes all over networks, i want also to enhance my dj setup and improve my technical skills.

    You can discover my world here all over my social networks : [url]https: mod note - link not approved/url]

    If you like my work, please comment and share to your friends.

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