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Thread: look for mini mixer with crossfade curve

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    look for mini mixer with crossfade curve

    I have a mini dvs setup : 2 x numark scratch pt01 and 1 akai AMX + 1 akai AFX

    I want to upgrade my mixer, i want a digital mixer (serato compatible) which is compatible with analog sources (turntables with real vinyl not dvs).
    I mix and i scratch a little so my new mixer needs to have crossfader curve settings.

    I want a little mixer and not an expansive one.

    Thank you for your help.

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    DJ-Tech DIF1s or DIF2s

    Innofader buil'in
    DVS and real vinyl compatible
    Crossfader curve and reversible

    Price range: $150-220
    Works1200 - the Technics 1200/1210 specialist - FB page
    Nicadraus' mixcloud page

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    OK, thanks for the advice, these mixers seem to be perfect for me.

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