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Thread: White colored Speakers , yay or ney?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Matt View Post
    yea, iv gone off it too. but its hard to find an alernative to get a clean look, that is one of the reasons I want to get column speakers, I don't like looking at speaker tripods. mind you when the lights are down low and the party is underway you don't really see the stands anymore
    Yep. Subs under tops looks better than speaker stands IMO but that only works when you have enough subs. I think the focus on looks is overdone, I have even seen it go as far as putting the DJ and his gear way over in the corner of a ballroom 100ft from the dance floor, and of course as soon as the dance portion of the event starts they complain the music isn't loud enough. Who knew.

    The best solution to all this I have seen is to position the DJ on the opposite side of the dance floor from the head table/stage, this completely removes those "ugly black boxes" from all pictures but still covers the room well and puts the DJ right where he wants to be.
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    Subs under tops looks good, sounds bad. Not that the Wedding Planner would care.
    Bill Fitzmaurice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Fitzmaurice View Post
    Subs under tops looks good, sounds bad. Not that the Wedding Planner would care.
    maybe the manufacturers could make a storage box that looks like a sub, so you can put it on one side and match the look of the sub on the other?

    there are also speaker stands now that use a flat base instead of tripod legs, this is another thing im considering, slightly cleaner look than tripod
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