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Thread: Hi all of ya! I'm like 14 years old! (DFM member for 14 years that is!)

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    Hi all of ya! I'm like 14 years old! (DFM member for 14 years that is!)

    Hi all of ya! I'm not new here. I'm fueledbymusic! I have not posted in a very long time. But I'm still alive and well.. I was here since before this site crashed. I first joined back around 2009 asking about amps and best subwoofers! I wound up with a QSC GX3 and Bill Fitzmaurice Tuba 24s. Been VERY HAPPY with them since then!
    I thought I can say Hi.

    As of January 28, 2023. I still have all my DJ equipment. But have not used it in a very long time. I have the Numark ndx 500, American Audio MXR10, QSC GX3, DBX driverack PA, 4 BFM tuba 24s, EV ZLX 12p, and still have most of the lights I had since 2010s. For which the colorstrip minis, chauvet vue 4.1 and the lasers are my favorites.

    I still have my set up in the garage, like I have for the last 13 years. I still love to use my set up here and there! Especially like on Halloween! Even though I next to never do gigs or anything, i find it difficult to want to sell my equipment, because I put a lot of dedication to building it up. And LOVE the BFM tubas I built to THIS DAY!

    So, what has this member (me) been doing outside of these forums? I been posting videos of my life on youtube!! This is my hobby! But other things I love as a hobby, is exercising and keeping my shape. I love the 80s and 90s vintage items. I love riding my bike. I typically ride 10 to 20 miles on a session on the road bike which is just a Eurobike XC7000. Rode a total of 1200 miles on that bike since buying new in 2019.

    I been battling anxiety and depression. posted several videos about it. Mostly how I deal with it. As of today, I'm not having much issue with depression anymore, because I found the cause, and was able to work on it and I fixed it! Anxiety on the other hand, I'm almost pin pointing the source of the problem and working to stop the anxiety as much as possible.

    At this moment, I work in a distribution center. Driving a Raymond high reach lift. And my wife works as a social worker in a convalescent hospital. And my youtube is supplemental income.

    OK, I hope all of ya are all good. Tellin ya. Oh BTW, my youtube is Life In the 80s (Gilbert)
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    I am not a professional DJ. It's a backyard hobby I love! In the garage. Numark ndx-500, American Audio 10 mxr , 4 BFM tuba 24s, EV ZLX 12p's, Truss full of lights. I STILL have all my equipment as of January 2023!

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    Hi, thanks for sharing your story.

    Getting older will certainly reduce the amount of time using DJ equipment, and affects most people I think. But if the passion for it remains, then its all good, I guess.
    I thought about those Tuba speakers myself...but with my DIY skills, it would be a miracle if I every made anything. So I'm a bit jealous.

    Health problems are very common, and I know lots of people who have their own battles. I guess that comes with age as well - I have friends wh have eventually been diagnosed with health problems after years of troubles. Although I find it hard to understand myself (thankfully), I respect their fight to get better.
    Congratulations on getting better. It seems like you're doing great, but still have a while to go on your journey, so good luck.

    Its funny that growing up in the 80s, I hated 80s music. But now I can't get enough. The 80s were great times to grow up. Hope the youtubing goes well.
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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    Great to have you back! Those 80s videos really brought me back. Loved em.
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