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Thread: EKX 15p for what kind of events?

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    EKX 15p for what kind of events?

    I have two EKX15p and I'am wondering for how large parties do they do the job without subwoofers. 100 people or more?
    What is Your experience with these tops.

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    EV speakers really can go loud for a sustained period of time. I really like their models.

    I've used EV models in the past without a sub and have pushed them to hold crowds of ~200 people before coverage starts dropping sharply. This inside (of course) and with a pumped crowd of folks who want to dance. If it were more than than 150, I generally want to use a sub for sure. For the ~200 crowd without a sub, it wasn't ideal but it did work reasonable well.

    Subs make everything better. Bass is where the fun is, after all.
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