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Thread: 2 separate controllers and laptops to 2 speakers

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    2 separate controllers and laptops to 2 speakers

    Hello, wondering what the best way to hook up 2 separate controllers/ laptops to the same set of speakers? Both controllers are Pioneer DDJ 1000's.

    Thanks in advance!

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    get another mixer in the loop and run each laptop to a separate channel. only way.

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    An old school 2ch battle mixer would do it or anything really with 2 or more stereo input channels and a set of balanced outputs.
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    There are multiple ways of doing this:

    1. Connect the outputs of each controller to the inputs of a separate mixer and the speakers to the mixer.

    2. Connect the output of the first controller to the input of the second controller. Connect the speakers to the second controller.

    3. Use a splitter to connect the outputs of each controller to the input of a speaker. Connect the "Left" outputs to one splitter and then the splitter plugs into one speaker. Do the same for the "Right" outputs but connect the splitter to the other speaker.

    4. Similar to #1 but using a computer and sound interface instead of a mixer.

    In the end, Option #1 is the most expensive but usually leads to the most flexibility. Option #2 may be cheapest, but the flexibility is dependent on the second controller. I do not recommend #3 or #4 - but they will technically work.
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    Note that you don't need a proper DJ mixer between the controller and the speakers. A cheaper and simpler small mixing board like the Mackie Mix 8 (what I use) or 5 will do. It is less than $100 and sounds good - plus you can adjust the EQ independently of your controller and it has its own booth out. Just make sure it has the type of outputs you need.

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