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Thread: Opinions QSC K10.2 (and EKX-12P)

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    Opinions QSC K10.2 (and EKX-12P)

    Hey all..

    So I've been sniffing around for a good second-hand deal on a modest size powered system.
    For personal use.. but personal use for me is still a pretty loud party with lots of people

    So I came across a decent deal on a pair of K10.2's, which, size-wise, is pretty much what I want. I think that when paired with a decent active sub or possibly two subs (which I do not have yet either) they would probably do fine.

    Then I noticed another decent deal on a pair of EKX-12p.. now, I know these are good speakers.. with significantly more output than the K10.2.. and they (probably) sound better too.

    On the other hand, they are bigger.. and sure a 12 won't kill me, but it's kind of not exactly what I had in mind.. I'd love it if I could get two tops and a sub in the back of a compact SUV and still have the back seats clear...

    And they cost more. The goal here is a personal system that doesn't have to earn anything back...

    On the third hand, if the fidelity is significantly superior.. then I want that... I don't want to waste money on speakers I'll be itching to trade up.

    Anyone have an opinion here?
    I'm going to try to listen to them both but with my schedule these days it's more likely I'll have to make a decision before that...

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    I own some EKX-12ps, I have not compared them side by side with QSCs but on paper they are only slightly louder. The K series boxes do have a characteristic sound though similar to JBL with a bit of a mid/high crunch while the EVs are smoother. These are also quite small for 12" boxes and they have wooden enclosures which just sounds better(tighter bass) when cranked up than all the plastic boxes I have heard, and I can get a pair of these with an 18" sub and everything else necessary for a compact sound system in the hatch of my Sante Fe.
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    Thanks Conanski, yea.. I did a little reading and it seems that QSC has been having problems with driver damage on the K10.2, so they've released new firmware with a different protection scheme.. but now a lot of people are complaining of problems with the firmware... So it seems the K10.2 isn't a good purchase at this time.

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