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Thread: Getting to the next track fast.

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    Getting to the next track fast.

    At the end section of each track Ive started to put a hot cue 8 bars before the track starts to break down - as a way to jump close to my Mix out point. The idea is that it's then easy to skip large sections of the track if I want to and get into the mix quicker. My thinking is that I try and play around 3 minutes of a track and when the best bits are done, I want to get out.

    Other than using natural mix out points which occur earlier in the track like breakdowns, Does anyone have any alternate methods to achieve the same thing?
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    Could do a loop.. I've done that.

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    Learn the tracks and experiment with different mixing points to make a creative mix.

    With a few hours practice with a set of tracks, you'll end up with a set where there is mixing almost throughout the set at various points...through breakdowns, intros, choruses, double-drops, looped sections etc etc
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