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Thread: RCF SUB 705-AS II Failures

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    Hi Huck.

    I'm quite sure that's correct. I am not in front of the speakers at the moment otherwise I would look, but if you gently prize (or slide?) a scredriver in that slot, it should pull out the fuse holder with the fuse in.

    If your speakers are like mine, just make sure of one thing ... you may also have a spare fuse holder inside that little opening. Make sure you replace the fuse into the correct slot. I didn't. No wonder the speaker still didn't work.

    Hope you are successful with this.
    Thanks...I managed to get the fuse holder out and it(fuse) seems good,plus there is another glass fuse just inside,but you have to take the module out to get at it..that one is good also.
    I think I have a power on and off switch problem as there seems to be an arcing sound just behind the switch. One time I tried powering on when module was out and all power on lights were working,so the main fuse is good. I need to get a hold of RCF to see who is the service depot for them in Canada to get the module checked out. Thanks,Huck
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