Hi, while doing weddings for a few years now, Iīve never done as many ceremonies as this year, so Iīm trying to find a way to make things easier for me and also look better at the wedding ceremony.
Up to now Iīve been using a portable table, and my traktor s4 + mac, but from next season I would like to play the songs from a tablet.

I want to be able to create playlists on my PC at home and sync these to 2 ipads or 2 android tablets (2nd to be used as a back up). This would have to be done easily, as if I have to manually put the tracks in each tablet and then individually make the playlists on each one, I would probably do it for the first 20 or 30 weddings and afterwards I would just start trusting that nothing would go wrong and only do it on the first and main tablet.
On the tablet app I would need to see the comment tag while browsing, where I always write information I need, after trying a few iPad apps I canīt find the way to view these tags.
The app doesnīt have to be a DJ app, as I wonīt be mixing with sync or using fx, the browsing and easy playlist sync is the most important part of what Iīm looking for
I donīt have andriod tablets, but not worried about spending money on new tablets, or apps, etc

Any recomendations??