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Thread: My First Techno Set!

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    My First Techno Set!

    That's right.. a psytrance DJ mixing techno.. at a techno party.
    I think it went really well, to my surprise.

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    Well, the first techno set I played (linked above), led to playing a longer set at another party, and that went pretty well too! Here it is:

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    Well.. after two techno sets that both went well.. I played techno a THIRD time at another party recently.

    This one is a bit more serious "techno techno" and I learned a lot about how to mix serious techno.. and how NOT to mix it.. while playing this set.
    Of course it's always a little painful when you have to learn lessons about how NOT to do things while mixing in a live setting The previous sets are a bit lighter and were easier to put together... But overall, still came out pretty good!

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