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Thread: Hi all by DoktorTek Tekno Music Producer

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    Hi all by DoktorTek Tekno Music Producer

    hello i introduce myself:

    A lover of music since childhood. Started with jazz piano and continued with drums in a rock band. Lover of electronic music composition. I have been composing tekno music for about 15 years. I plan to continue producing for the rest of my life. My music is the highest expression of who I am. I have played live many times and I really enjoy doing it. I don't have a defined genre but I range between many types of tekno while maintaining, as they say, a recognisable timbre. I can play non-Tekno genres but I chose to play Tekno.
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    hello and welcome!

    Detroit techno or European techno?
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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