it was BOUND To happen the OLDEST light in the fleet and one that has been hired out (in a pair Linked with a DMX Cable) enough times to pay for a ticket to the moon and back, has given up the ghost. It has been one of the greatest lights ever since when there is no' SOUND' (ACTIVE BEAT OF THE MUSIC) going the light just spins slowly and gently changes colour rather than plunging an area into darkness. It has been the best. WE do have the Jelly domes that came out from ADJ a few years ago and while they are good the effect creates to much glow in a small space.

So I know they don't make this light anymore but was wondering if there is an equivalent I could find. I want something that externally spins like this one, I believe there is an EBAY knock off that has a much chunkier base but for the life of me I can not find it i want to say maybe they called it an ASTRO BALL lol?

All advice warmly received.

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