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Thread: Greetings from Spain!

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    Greetings from Spain!

    Hi guys! I just acquired my first controller ever a month ago. Its a DDJ 400 and im playing her almost daily. Im about to set her on fire. Dont tell my GF please...
    Im using rekordbox and i just started watching some videos and figure how to use it mostly by ear. Im originally a drummer. Been playing extreme Metal (death/black) for almost 12 years. I had to take a break because of querantine till i was a able to play again 3 months ago. I did realize how much i need music in my life and the urge to do and have fun with it. So beige honest. After 3 years, i went to some parties, rolled high as a kitty i decided to get a controller to lean how to mix. Music is my pasión, and the only think I would really enjoy as a profession would be play music and make people dance.
    Hope you accept me here as a noob and i wish i could learn as much as i can from you in the following time.
    Have a nice day and regards.

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    Welcome fellow metalhead.
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    Nice to meet you, welcome.

    I think your story of how you got interested in that type of DJing is not too uncommon
    Again, welcome

    Just last weekend I played a small-ish underground party and yesterday I received the following message:

    "OMG I gotta thank u deeply 4 playing such smooth & weird music 4 us. My nieces were really able to experience tunes that help get the strange out proper. We had such an amazing time bc of this. Thx!"

    Which was awesome to get. So yea it's really fun to play at such parties and get such messages! But unless you are really good at promoting yourself and able to build a really large following, it's very rare to earn a good living as just a DJ playing "serious" electronic music parties. Some can make it big but most have other jobs. But you can try...

    For me, it's always been a hobby since although I have gotten money for DJing, sound systems, and working on events.. the amount of money I've made is no more than what I've put in... I have a regular job and just do it for the enjoyment and support of the scene more than anything.

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