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Thread: Please help me with my setup! =)

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    Please help me with my setup! =)

    I have a Macbook, PLX-500-K, 2 JBL 305P MkII's and a DDJ-FLX6-W. I'd love to incorporate both using Serato. What interface or receiver would I need to do that? I also would love a setup where I could also have a pass-through option so I could play vinyl without having to launch Serato. I'm been struggling to figure out how to do this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! =)

    This set up is amazing, would love something like this but with pass-through option so I could play records without having to open computer, controller and serato:

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    Serato is part and parcel of the controller you bought, as I am sure you are aware.

    Your controller does not support analog inputs from record players so I would forget using it directly for that.
    As for routing record decks through and external (serato branded) soundcard through your laptop out to the mixer part of your controller...well that maaaay be possible. You'd have to get in touch with Serato to find if the software would work that way with the hardware. They don't directly support it and I think they don't even seem to be sure if it will work.

    If you really want that kinda setup and be sure it would all work, you'd have to sell your controller and get something like the DDJ-SZ2.

    The guy in your video is a member on these forums and you could always ask him directly via youtube. He's using Rekordbox, so I dunno if Serato is an option.
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