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Thread: Help me pick new equipment

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    Help me pick new equipment

    hey guys, new here but not new to the scene. getting a new controller or xdj. help me decide. Im usually playing parties and clubs. My options are ddi 1000 or xdj-rx.

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    You'll be fine with either. The DDJ-1000 will be easiest to use but will require a laptop. The XDJ will likely be more fun to use because you don't need the laptop to perform, but you do need to use the laptop to prepare tracks.

    You really can't lose on this if you use either one.
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    Controller advantages:

    1. Cheaper if you don't count the cost of the laptop (not by much)
    2. You have a large screen and keyboard for finding tracks
    3. It is much more future-proof since you can upgrade the laptop and software while using the same controller for a long time.
    4. Can do stuff like playing from streaming sources.. if you care about that (I don't).

    One-piece (XDJ) advantages:

    1. Experience is basically almost like regular decks and a mixer so if you switch back and forth it's like an old pair of shoes
    2. Much easier setup in squishy spaces, no worries about stuff flaking due to bad cables or needing to update drivers and such.
    3. As mentioned in #2, is very simple and reliable.. plug and play.
    4. Can be used as a controller as well, so if you have got the paid version of rekordbox you can use it either with or without the laptop connected.
    5. Don't have to deal with a laptop.

    Personally I favor the XDJ, I have regular separate decks myself (XDJ1000mk2+DJM900nxs) but a few friends have one piece XDJ's (one has RX2, other has XZ).. and I have played on them and they're totally fine, it takes a little time to get used to using one screen and scroll knob for both decks which is not ideal but it's not bad either. Just take care of that scroll knob.. don't break that thing or you're out of luck

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