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Thread: Easily filter music by particular PROs?

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    Easily filter music by particular PROs?

    How do I easily filter and play recorded music by a particular set of PROs (BMI, ASCAP, GMR, etc.)?

    Is there any easy way to check a long list of ISWC numbers to ensure they are still entirely within the BMI catalogue?

    Is there an easy way to get from an ISRC to an ISWC without manually searching through SoundView?


    I have been putting together a set playlists to use in support of a corporate training course. From my research so far it seems playing music at a paid event qualifies as needing a performance license. Furthermore, a paid training event is outside of the licensing provided by companies such as SoundTrack Your Brand, which are focused on restaurants and the like. Therefore a direct event license from one or more of the Performance Reporting Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, GMR, etc.) is apparently unavoidable if I wish to play any popular music still under copyright.

    BMI's minimum pricing is around $175/year which is reasonable enough for my needs. ASCAP minimum pricing is $504/year which seems rather excessive for my modest needs. I have therefore decided to just entirely stay within songs that are 100% BMI managed. One might think this would be easy, but no!

    The only solution I have discovered is to check the credits on every recording of interest in Spotify, and then to spend time finding the relevant song in Songview. This is extremely time consuming. I now have a spreadsheet with the ISWC and ISRC of every 100% BMI managed song I intend to play.

    What is worse, even with a full list of ISWC numbers I should ideally check them before each event to ensure none of the songwriters switched PRO on me. I don't yet know of an easy automated way to check SoundView for a list of ISWC numbers.

    There has got to be any easier way to get from ISRC to ISWC. I am hoping there is some online music service that already has the relevant meta-data and supports filtering by PRO or set of PROs. My current solution is workable, but it is a real pain.

    I look forward to reading any insights this community has to offer.

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    Sorting out music as a DJ is often a logistical pain in the backside that requires a lot of time. Have you tried contacting them?

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