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Thread: Want. Mixers up to 1985

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    Want. Mixers up to 1985

    Hi there
    Iím after all mixers you want to sell.

    What I want - Analogue, descrete, In good condition, preferably the weird and unknown.
    Particularly ELI, early GLI, any GLI, except the 9000. Inkwells. Mixus. Telecs. Franks. Powers. Scholer Akoustik, Biamps. Stanfordís. Early early rodecs

    Old school Disco Mixers. Things youíve got tucked away.
    Oh and they must have phono.

    What Iím not in need - anything with a well known brand. Realistic, numark, pioneer etc
    Anyone with a clubman they want $1 million for. Rotary. Iím lucky enough to own most rotary
    So anyone wanting $4k for their crest, Iím not that guy. Sorry.

    Ultimate old school analogue phono up to 85/6. And sorry to sound like Iím going to but Iím not new to this so this isnít a chance to offload something for a grand cos itís old. Iíve been around the block and own too
    Many mixers (75 I think) to be fooled

    But, to end on a happy vibe, Iím here to remove the dated and unwanted and willing to pay a fair rate
    And I deal with respect and a smile

    Thanks for your time


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    Ahh well I had several GLI's, I worked for them in the 80's as a repair tech.. but they are long gone.
    I do have a fully functioning 90's Soundcraft D-Mix 500 I'm interested in selling.

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