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Thread: light up / neon/ DJ sign?

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    light up / neon/ DJ sign?

    im looking to put together a DJ sign that will light up with the name of my promotions on it.
    perhaps a custom neon sign, or something with a light inside it that will glow up nicely. something powerful.
    maybe i can put it onto the front of an existing DJ table like one of those Z cases, if you know them.
    i want people to recognise my promotions when they come to my events.

    im just here looking for ideas right now. can you post some ideas if you have done or seen something like this?

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    I've seen some cool signs using that flexible led "neon".

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    what r the dimensions ur looking for?

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    anywhere from 2 feet across across to 2metres across i suppose

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    I use this

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    thats really cool man, i would like one of those.
    actually (maybe just my inner child speaking here, but iv always wanted to have one of those that did the nightrider pattern (if you remember nightrider from the 70s ,the lights on the front of his car)
    im curious to know if people pay attention to what you write on this sign, because i sometimes have advertistements for my events on massive projectors here and people dont seem to read them at all....

    I actuallt found someone in china on amazon who makes custom neon signs and they are pretty good. and i noticed they are crazy bright they actually create a wash when turned up, so im going to get a couple more and experiment with using them to do just that, create a wash, basically like a light that you can read.

    as seen here

    PS love your Puerto Rican vinyls.

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    I basically only use it on my YouTube videos. They must read it because when they comment, they call me Ralph, and the only way they could know my name is by reading the sign. I think I paid around $25 on eBay, and I have had it a few years now with no problems. The Puerto Rican Traktor vinyls I got from Etsy. He can put whatever you want on the vinyl. It's all about being a little different with me, since there are thousands of DJ's out there on YouTube.

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