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Thread: Chauvet Intimidator 355Z intermittent LED light

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    Chauvet Intimidator 355Z intermittent LED light

    Hi to all,
    My first port here, if not the correct area, please let me know.
    One of my Chauvet Intimidators 355Z started with intermittent LED light, everything works well otherwise, just after lets say about 10 minutes or more of being in use, the light turns on and off at random. I opened it up to check things out, the LED PCB has a brownish connector, and when I tried to remove it for cleaning I noticed it was briddle, it came off after carefull attempts, and I cleaned it with electronics cleaner spray, and reconnected. I also cleaned the main power line contacts, after all that, the unit works fine for a longer period of time, about a hlaf hour, then it starts to do the on and off situation again. I share a cel phone shot of the PCB LED, thanks for any input on this. If you think it is the LED diode, I found the part online, but I thing the little browned out cable (relay?) will also need replacing, and what is called, or where to find it. Not sure if that is causing the behavior or it may be something else, hope someone here can share on it..Additional info.jpg

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    I would attempt to reach out to chauvet and see if you can get that complete replacement part. There are some folks way more talented than I am with soldering but anytime I have tried to solder very small parts I either make it worse of the end product is not as clean as the original.

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