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Thread: Yamaha DXR and DBR Speakers for DJs, your thoughts?

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    Yamaha DXR and DBR Speakers for DJs, your thoughts?

    iv been djing in a bar that has 2 of these, (Yamaha DBR12) and im quite impressed with them for their size.
    paired up with a good sub, they have some respectable power (to my ears anyways) I was able to do a party with 200 people without any issue.
    and I think they have good clarity although i have not done a side by side comparison with any other speaker

    but you dont hear much about these in the DJ scene. any videos i see on it seem to be very band oriented.
    just wondering what are your thoughts on them? and on the other ones in that range such as the DXR12MK11

    and where does yamaha stand in the ranking for DJ recommended gear against the likes of RCF, JBL, Mackie, EV and so on.
    looks to me like they would be in the higher end.
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    I used a pair of DBR12's for the last 3 or 4 years we DJ'd. I liked them. I was impressed with them as well. I was looking at some Peavey's & the guy at the music store talked me into trying these. Once I got used to setting up powered speakers, these were my go to speakers when DJing... depending on the size of room & number of people etc. Never regretted buying them.
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    I own a set of dxr15s as well as EV ekx12s and zlx12s, and have used a bunch more different boxes in this range. These Yamaha powered speakers are every bit as good as the other brands and better than some.. JBL eons are not that good and Mackie speakers have a terrible reliability record these days.
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