Hey There,
Just started Djing a few months ago and always on the lookout to improve my sound management. I currently have a Pioneer DDJ- 200 running on an HP Envy Bang & Olufsen with i5 core. The standard set up with the DDJ-200 works well for me, but one night I was Djing with my friend who has a vinyl set up with mixer. We originally tried doing the DDJ mono out to RCA, but that wouldn't be recognized by his mixer. We finally connect my laptop to an audiobox to mixer and we got the speaker outputs, so at least we had sound. However, I was unable to do any headphone cues. I'm not sure how familiar folks are with Rekordbox but in audio settings when connected to an audiobox it is only giving me 2 output options, which is fine for the master output, but no other options for headphone outputs.

My friend said one of the issues was that with the original DDJ-200 setup I was doing playback in Mono instead of Stereo. Anyway, afterwards I just did my set without headphone cues, but was super annoying. My friend ended up giving me one of his old Presonus audiobox USBs to try and use to do stereo sound. It has the headphone output and Rekordbox does recognize it, but I am running into the same thing at my friends place only slightly different. So I plug the audiobox into my laptop then have 1/4 inch RCAs to speakers and have my headphones plugged into the audiobox. However, when I play a track I can hear it in both my speakers and my headphones regardless of whether i have the headphone cue on or not. Then when I try to hit the headphone cues it plays over the speakers instead of the headphones.

As stated before I went into the Rekordbox audio settings to try and set the headphone output to a separate port or channel, but all it will give me are those 2 outputs which are already coming out of the speakers.

Don't know if anyone has ever encountered this or has tried this kind of setup with this particular controller, but any advice, ideas, or pointers would be appreciated.

Also not completely in dire straights, as I said the original setup works just fine, but just curious if this one will work too.