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Thread: The Box Thomann brand. any good?

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    The Box Thomann brand. any good?

    this question is likely most relevant for those of you in europe

    Thomann the main audio supplier in europe has its own brand products called "the box" which are normally much cheaper than the known brands
    basically some different companies make these in the background and thoman uses its branding on it. I think thats how it works.
    but are they any good?
    pricewise its almost behringer territory ,so this on its own raises doubt. you know what they say "buy cheap, buy twice" & all that.

    Im a little surprised to hear how positive the reviews are online of their other products.
    such as this review here
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    I know nothing about the sound of this speaker, but I know lots about costing products.
    Being that it is a 200EUR (12"!) (active!) speaker we are definitely in Behringer pricing model territory...

    Can I break it down? Oh hells yeah.

    Selling price = 200EUR

    Sales tax = 20% = 40EUR
    Margin (Thomann) = 15% = 30EUR
    Business taxes = 20% * 30EUR = 6EUR
    Sales&Marketing costs (Thomann) = 10% = 20EUR
    Logistics and stockage charges = 15% (bascially this is what Thomann "do" as work) = 30EUR
    Admin costs (HR, finance, supply chain etc) = 6% = 12EUR
    End of year accounting operations such as depreciation of stock = 5EUR

    So at best you're looking at 57EUR worth of speaker materials when Thomann are buying it.

    And for that you are getting a [large] speaker with an amp in it.

    Now Thomann are buying this speaker from China, no questions asked. These Chinese companies will have a business model, with their own margins and costs. They'll have minimum R&D (because China) but will be doing assembly and test. They will have their suppliers (which will in turn have their business models!).

    So basically you're eventually paying 200EUR for something that has around less than 30EUR of speaker raw materials.

    This is perfectly normal... and the EV speaker will have a similar business model. However EV may be doubling the speaker raw materials costs.

    But I would not expect high quality or a long life span of any speaker equipment based on a 30EUR raw materials budget.
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    Buy cheap, buy twice.

    or is the Thomann speaker giving you more value for the price of £197 (now £159)? �������� ���� ������ ����
    Looks like MR BlinkBlink links only the Thomann link but not the EV. Also, Mr Blinkblink completely forgets something about the claimed price, and that is the post brexit added tax + VAT. Or did he lie, the link clearly says £205 with direct shipping, so they've ''rectified'' the price. I'm having similar post brexit issues, also seeing websites that no longer want to do business with the UK, or at higher cost.

    third review under the product page:

    I've bought two of these. Compared them with EV ZLX 15P and EV's sounds much better and even has more power, though in specification DSP112 says otherwise. I've read someone's review, taht DSP 112 are equal to EV ZLX 12p - this is not true. I would say so - if you need something cheap for medium quality sound - then OK, otherwise it's not worth even that sum. Clarity of sound is very bad, not so powerfull as says in specification. Other features are OK.

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    A sure sign that DJ Blink-Blink has zero engineering background is that he keeps talking about watts, and peak watts at that, which don't matter, while making no reference to the things that do matter, like frequency response and actual measured maximum undistorted output. Any review that doesn't mention those points should be summarily ignored.
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