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Thread: Welcome to TheLoopHoleConspiracy !! (Beyond Music ! Beyond Video ! 7d Holography ! )

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    Talking Welcome to TheLoopHoleConspiracy !! (Beyond Music ! Beyond Video ! 7d Holography ! )

    Imagine if banksy hijacked MTV in the early days when it was still innovating?*

    [Link removed]

    Making music videos that were beyond any kind of visual medium seen at the time?*

    Then partnered with the advertising agencies responsible for the resurgence of Apple in the mid 2000's?

    Implementing modern day technologies and the cool purely creative infinite possibilities of tik tok and 7d holography?*

    That is TheLoopHoleConspiracy

    Living Paintings,
    Beyond Audio !
    Beyond video !


    Oh the conspiracy?...


    Happy digging.

    and Xaerus 

    Welcome To The Future !!!
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