Hi, first time coming to this forum.
I bought just quite recently on Ebay, a Open Box listing, for the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX Controller.
It was listed in Excellent Condition.
I have had more time to play around with it this morning after receiving it yesterday in the mail.
It was packed quite well so no issues there.
I did notice in the Left Jog Wheel it has a slight but noticeable wobble/looseness in the wheel itself in comparison to the Right Jog Wheel. They both spin at the same rate so no issues there. The scratching method on both is about the same except when you press down on the top of the Left jog wheel, it does wobble slightly downward.
Being that this was listed in Excellent Condition, should I return or it is not a big issue?
I contacted Numark Tech Support as well and see what they think.
I am a newbie to this stuff but also can get very anal about the equipment i purchase and wanting everything perfect.
Thank you.