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Thread: Technics 1210 md3 pitch calibration

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    Technics 1210 md3 pitch calibration

    I recently noticed that my pitch at +6 doesn't keep the platter dots steady, its closer to 7, so I did a bit of research and found that I could calibrate the deck myself, I set the resistance to 2.875 K ohms as stated in the service manual using pot VR302, I then connected my multimeter probes to TP27 and GND to get a reading for frequency so I could make sure its at 262.08 but no reading comes up on my meter for some strange reason (I reconnected the pitch plug and powerd up the deck) so I decided to do it by eye and adjust the pot at VR301 until the +6 dots held steady, once I was happy I then moved the pitch slider to zero and found that the dots were now moving. My question is how can I adjust the +6 to hold without then messing up the zero point. TIA

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    It seems you have done your research and calibrated as per the manual. Have your turntables had their pitch replaced in the past?

    I have always noticed on Technics that the pitch number marks on side of the fader have never matched exactly the speed of the record. This is due to the logarithmic nature of the calibration potentiometer as well as the fader and how it affects the speed. So matching exactly up to 6% may throw the 0 point out of wack.

    However, is the way the pitch is set up on Technics really an issue?

    As long as the zero point is correctly calibrated and the pitch range has a satisfactory range, then I consider that all is good. I don't match up to the fader markings.

    In fact I calibrate my Technics against my other decks that do +/- 10% pitch range. Hardly factory spec, but I prefer a larger pitch range for my mixing.

    I'm not an expert on the digital technics, but there are some members on this board that are technics technicians, so they may be able to help.
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    I think this video should be able to help you out.

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