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Thread: New kit needed for playing both real and digital vinyl

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    New kit needed for playing both real and digital vinyl

    Hi all,

    I DJed a bit during the late 90s and early 00s, but old all my hardware in order to become a grownup. In a typical midlife crisis moment I have now decided to buy some new decks to play my old records.

    Iím looking at the new 1200 mk7s, but I realise that whilst Iíll be able to play all my old vinyl, they donít really put much new music out on vinyl, so Iím ideally wanting some way to play digital music through them, if thatís the correct term?

    I know Iíll need some kind of software, and some kind of ďvirtual vinylĒ Ė but other than that Iím clueless. So Ö any advice on what kind of basic mixer I will need to play both real and virtual vinyl, and what software package and additional kit Iíll need to be able to mix digital tracks into physical ones.

    Any advice appreciated, and apologies if this is in the wrong thread!


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    u basically need a dvs system. you can either use serato or virtual dj. serato is the "industry standard", but i use both. i would personally buy one of the mixers in this opage that unlock serato and then u can use the "thru" mode to play regular vinyl:

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