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Thread: New user from Glasgow!

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    New user from Glasgow!


    My name is Darren from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I am 28.

    My DJing experience is mainly just teaching my self. Gigs wise I have played for mates before and also a couple of promotional days in salons and stuff like that but nothing major. I have been mixing for around 2 1/2 years now and I want to make the move into clubs. I am looking to start networking and meet people in the same boat as me or gain valuable advice form people who have been there and done it!.

    I like to play different genres like disco, underground house, tech house and techno. If I had to choose what I play most I would say Techno.

    My current set up is the XDJ RR. I book into studios occasionally to get better experience on the CDJ 3000s and mixers.

    I am also an Ableton Live user for producing tracks.

    If anyone would like to chat and maybe help each other out hit me up!
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