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Thread: EKX vs DXR vs PRX vs QSK K for 2022

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    EV EKX vs Yamaha DXR vs JBL PRX vs QSK K for 2022

    I am currently looking at the above ranges for a small bar/event system. I am probably looking at the 12" top and 18" sub combination. I will start with a single sub at first and if needed add another one at a later date. It would be unusual to use this for over 100 people as I do have access to a larger system for that. This is more for an easy transport, easy set up, small vehicle system. Music is varied but all DJ based. Can be anything from modern house music, to disco, ska, rockabilly etc.

    Even though I have included the QSC K series here, they are almost definitely off the list due to their cost in the UK. I do prefer wooden boxes such as the EV and JBLs as they can be repainted in the future, but they do seem to be getting a little old now. Has anyone heard any rumours about new models at all?

    Even though the Yamahas are the newer boxes, the sub size and weight is a little off putting but is workable. Also the JBL sub specs just see a little too ambitious and not sure if that is even close to the truth lol.

    I am currently swaying towards the EVs but they are a very old model now and I am a little concerned that after buying they will release a newer and better model.

    I have included the 15" top models for some in the chart for comparison but I have always felt that the 12s are more musical which is more important to me than volume.

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    You really can't go wrong with any of them. They're all tried and tested and when it comes to output there's very little difference. Sound quality is about the same, although I'd slightly prefer the EVs or the the Yamahas but it's not a night and day difference. Even if there would be a new model coming out from any of these companies, I don't see them being lightyears ahead of the older models. Most likely just a few more parameters on the DSP and improved bluetooth capabilities. I'd say you get the ones you get the best deal on, or that fits best in your car.

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    Well, def I'd take all the 15 inch tops out of the running, unless.. EV makes a three-way 15 inch top.. the ETX35P.. which I have worked with just a little bit and they were quite good and, paired with the right subs make a great system.

    But, since you're just interested in using this for smaller events definitely the 12 is the way to go, possibly even a 10 would be ok. I agree with you that a 15 inch 2-way is not going to sound as good.

    As far as the 15 inch vs 18 inch EKX sub, the main difference is that the 18 inch goes deeper, and sure of course you are going to notice that extra bottom especially if you play anything electronic. It's all about whether you want to deal with the extra size and weight, personally for me the difference is small enough that I would go for the 18.

    The Yamahas.. I don't have enough experience to say if they are better or worse, they are in a similar class to the EV, I think you'd really need to compare them in person to see what you prefer.

    As far as the JBL PRX, I have used them a couple of times and one thing I'd say for sure is that their output for the size is impressive, and you can see that they claim higher max spl in their specs as well as deeper bass than the others..... Well, having worked with them just a couple of times (but not actually measured them) I would say that yes their output is well up there.. the high frequency power is impressive and these would be a great choice for a band that needs loud, clear vocals.. and yea they are very good DJ speakers too.. but there is something about their sound I didn't love. They are very good, but if it were me I'd prefer the EV (or maybe, the Yamaha.. tho I'd want to give them both another listen first).

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    Yeah JBL speakers seem to have a characteristic sound.. it's a little bit aggressive somewhere in the mid to mid-high range. I don't hear this with any of the EV or Yamaha boxes I own or have used, they are more neutral sounding. This isn't they type of thing that is really obvious it almost takes a side by side comparison to hear it, but once you do it's hard not to notice it.
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