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Thread: adding a sub to a small line array system

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    adding a sub to a small line array system

    so, im considering to get the EV evolve 30m's because i mostly do smaller events.
    I can use one of them for a very small event, 2 for a slightly larger.

    but im concerned about the bass not having enough "oomph"

    so im thinking over time i might add something like the EV ELX200-12SP-W 12" active sub to it for some events where i might want the full thump of the bass.

    so my question is, is this a good configuration?
    or will it throw off the balance of the whole thing ,given that the 30ms are already tuned to work as a self contained unit, and adding bass might throw off the overall balance of the sound.

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    The Evolve 30m have subs already. There would be no point in adding a 12" sub, and if you added enough subbage to get 'oomph' chances are the tops wouldn't be able to keep up.
    Bill Fitzmaurice
    Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeaker Design

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    It's not going to work out the way you think it will. The ELX 12SP has a similar frequency response to the Evolve 30 sub and yea, more output but not enough to be worth the difficulties of getting them to play nice together, if they even will.

    The right solution here is to get the Evolve 50 instead of the 30, it's got both significantly deeper bass and more output.. you will get results MUCH closer to what you really want with a pair of 50's than you will by the combo you are considering. And they are still only around 60 lb per side.

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