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Thread: Ecler! Ecler! Ecler!

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    Ecler! Ecler! Ecler!

    Looks like the DJ division of Ecler is being resurrected and will be unveiling a new mixer next year.

    Ecler, a Spanish pro audio company with a long history of making DJ mixers, has been out of the DJ products game for the last decade. But today a new video cropped up – a highlight reel of their historical reputation, if you will – that announces their big news: Ecler’s DJ division will return in February 2022 with a new DJ mixer.

    Ya gotta love corn, it's one of the only foods that says good-bye.

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    Ecler always had decent products. They also had a mystique about them.
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    I have 2 Ecler mixers.

    I only have good things to say.

    In fact I wouldn't have got into them unless one of the old admins on this forum used to work for Ecler and mentioned them on this site.
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    I had two, I lent one to my friend more or less permanently.
    And the other one, I used to bring out with my sound system for parties but after a while too many DJ's complained because it wasn't Pioneer.. so I eventually got a DJM800 and I still have the Elcer.. it was just getting wear on it bringing it to parties, I want it to last a good long time. But it's sad because many of the DJ's loved playing on it and only a few complained. But the squeaky wheels get the grease I guess.

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