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Thread: Up and Coming House/ techno DJ! Hello!

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    Up and Coming House/ techno DJ! Hello!

    Hello guys! Im so glad I could find a forum where likeminded Dj's come together to discuss first gigs, new experiences and such. My Dj name is Moodswing and I have been djing for about a year now. I am based out of Los Angeles and just recently had my first gig at Pattern Bar: House of agave in the fashion district! I can say that although there wasn't much of a crowd it was still such a good learning experience and I had so much fun doing it! I look foward to progressing in my career and am really looking foward to making huge strides in 2022. I mostly mix house/tech house and also have a niche for techno as well. Any tips or advice one could give to get your name out there and really make progress. In addition to this' I am also looking to start producing in 2022. Much love to everyone and the forums and if anyone is interested in my latest tech house mix( Once upon a time in LA)my name on soundcloud is Moodswing! Thanks everyone!

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    Hi mate!

    I'm in the same boat as your self. I have just posted my own introduction thread. I am from Glasgow in the UK. I've only had two small gigs in the UK but also want to push my self out there in the coming months.

    I'll give you a follow on SoundCloud, It would be cool to see how someone else is progressing and exchange tips/advice along the way.


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