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Thread: In no way this is a dj turntable......

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    In no way this is a dj turntable......

    Audio Technica makes this in a homage to the Technics gold blinged out 1200 GLD limited edition. This is only available in Canada eh. It is called the AT-LP120XUSB-BZ for bronze edition.
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    what's not to like?

    the price is reasonable, I hope the motor is good.
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    Looks like another Super OEM. Just with a different look.
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    Looks pretty snazzy and it's got USB and a phono preamp built in. I like it.
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    That's a pretty deck. I just don't like the platter dots - 2 rows of small; 2 rows of large. I much prefer 1 row large; 3 rows small.

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    The 120s use a different, lower-torque motor than the Super OEMs. The old 120s had a signal generator so you could check the speed of the platter, which made me think it might be a linear servo drive like old 1200s and Gemini tried to do briefly and crudely, but not sure.

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