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Thread: 12inchskinz alternatives for protective/decorative "DJ skins"?

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    12inchskinz alternatives for protective/decorative "DJ skins"?

    I only have experience with 12inchskinz, as I used to be friends with the owner and the quality always seemed top-notch. That said, I'd prefer to take my business elsewhere, but all of the other "DJ skin" companies seem less focused (not focused on DJ needs, but more on "make a generic skin for every electronic device out there"), and I don't get the impression that their products are at the same level of quality as 12inchskinz.

    I'm not concerned about looks so much as preventing damage to my equipment (e.g., scratching up the faceplate of a mixer while, uh, scratching).

    Any recommendations? Anyone used both 12inchskinz and competitors' "DJ skin" products?
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    is this for ur laptop?

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    I always prefer the look of the original equipment. Skins seem to get dinged up and end up looking worse in the long run. Some of the custom paint jobs on the other hand can be pretty impressive looking.

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    I realize this is an old post, but maybe my response can help someone else. is a very good skin provider. I've ordered a few from them and the didn't disappoint.

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