I first put up this mix here back in 2014. It took a lot of warping in Ableton to get the songs to beat mix. I spent weeks working on it. I have done around 200 mixes, and this is by far, my favorite mix, mainly because of the arrangement, but I think I am one of the few people that likes it. First of all, Andrea Bocelli sings mostly opera and in Italian. The only stuff I like from him are the songs that David Foster Produced, which are typically Spanish songs, or Classic popular Italian songs. So those are the songs I picked for this mix. Its the same mix I did in 2014, but this time I mixed it and video taped it for youtube, so it will be up there for a long time. For the camera geeks, I got a new camera. I went all in and bought a Sony A7SIII, and a Sony 20mm F/1.8 G lens to film this video. I plan to make a video on how I film my videos, and you don't need top of the line equipment to do it, I just like nice stuff. You can watch my Mix here: