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Thread: Cheap prefade send fx 3 or 4 channel mixer?

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    Cheap prefade send fx 3 or 4 channel mixer?

    Hi DJs

    I've just bought a vestax pmc 275 for 100 but need to take it back because of faults. I know these are old but it fits my needs perfectly with its prefade/postfade fx sends and the headphones also work as a nice stereo out (I feed three channels of Kaosspads).

    I'm after a cheap analogue mixer with this spec, at least 3 channels- does anyone know if vestax released models after this like this, or of any other makes that fit this bill?
    I find the top A&H just too expensive at the moment.


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    Maybe an Ecler Nuo 3.0 or 4.0 would fit the bill? I'm not really sure how much those go for nowadays though but I reckon it will be less than an A&H.

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