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Thread: REverse kick dj technique?

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    Smile REverse kick dj technique?

    Hi everybody!
    Last time I had a party (Rave Rebels 2021 in Brussels), I heard this kind of sound (2:30) when the dj throws the drop after the build up. I'm not sure if this "sucked" kick is allways aprt of the song or if it's the dj can make it with a technique for the drop.
    Does anybody know if there is a way to do this at the first beat (kick) of the drop in a dj mix?

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    First guess it almost certainly part of the song.

    Most DVS - and even back in the day, some mixers/FX boxes - have a "reverse" function that would create a similar effect.

    You could do it in any audio editor program, such as Audacity, by editing the track. But really it is just the kick that is reversed, so the effect wouldn't be 100% the same.

    And if you were really oldschool, you get doubles of the vinyl, push one 1 beat forward, and do it all manually.
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    No, that's the keyboard lead set to a specific ADSR setting. This definitely is not a reverse kick. The person who composed it really nailed the momentum on using silence for a fraction of a second. As a DJ, you can actually pull off that effect by cutting your fader from 100 to 0 at the speed you need. I do that a lot. Like, instead of doing the cut on your crossfader like most scratchers would do, I do it on the faders. It gives you a lot more long range feel and control, the rest is speed. Also, in this file the sound is sort of mastered, limited and compressed, so it adds to the weird perception of how the lead goes from front to back, in terms of volume perception...

    Anyways, like so for the ADSR:

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