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Thread: Need Advice on DJ speaker setup for a party :)

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    Need Advice on DJ speaker setup for a party :)

    Heyy, i just got into DJing and want to in the near future mix for some of my house parties. Problem is I currently only listen to my mixes through headphones as don't have a sound system (i know nothing about sound systems/how to set one up).
    I was looking to get a pair of studio monitors (i dont want to spend loads) however read online to never use them for parties. First question is, would they be loud enough for a room of 20/25 people?

    Secondly, as i know most will say absolutely not, what would you recommend i do, considering Im on a budget and its not a huge party i dont really need speakers that are gonna blow out my single glazed windows haha. I've seen speakers on FB marketplace/ebay however got no clue if they would be compatible and not even sure how i would set them up. (I often see some larger passive speakers that would maybe do but how do i power them etc..)

    Really would appreciate any help on this, and any beginner DJ tips in general. Cheers guys 

    P.s. I started a bit over a week ago and have put/will put my mixes on soundcloud, if youd like to check it out my profile is here:
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    For a smallish room, some half decent monitors and a half decent sub would do the job of filling the room with sound for house parties.
    Even possible to do second hand for about 5-6 hundred quid if you buy second hand. I can see some KRK stuff on eBay in that budget.
    For anything going forward into professional or outside your home, getting something more study and built for the job would be a good idea.

    Do not go the route of buying cheap large speakers from some online shop thinking they'll be good quality just because they look good.
    Do your own research online and try to buy a well known brand.
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