Back Into Time.

Intro: The Jimmy Castor Bunch: Troglodyte
1: Strafe: Set it Off
2: M.A.R.R.S.: Pump up the Volume
3: Nitro Delux: Brutal House
3: Nitro Delux: Let's Get Brutal
4: LNR: Work it to the Bone
5: Raze: Jack the Groove
6: Silk Hurley: Jack Your Body
7: Raze: Break for Love (Spanish version)
8: Bang the Party: Bang Bang
9: Robert Owens: I'll be Your Friend (Glamorous mix)
10: Robert Owens: I'll be Your Friend (Demo mix)
11: Kim Sims: Too Blind to see it
12: Nightcrawlers: Push the Feeling
13: Fast Eddie: Acid Thunder (album version)
14: Fast Eddie: Acid Thunder (Tyrees mix)
15: Lil Luis: Atmosphere
16: Lil Luis: The Story Continues
17: Lil Luis: French Kiss
18: Royal House: Party People
19: Jungle Brothers: I'll House You
20: Royal House: Can you Party
21: The Todd Terry Project: Bango
22: Black Riot: A Day in the Life (Original)
23: Black Riot: A Day in the Life (Remix)
24: The Todd Terry Project: Just Wanna Dance
25: The Todd Terry Project: Weekend
26: Royal House feat. Ian Star: A Better Way
27: Raven Maize: Together Forever
28: House Masters: House Nation
29: A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray
30: Inner City: Good Life
31: Hard Drive: Deep Inside
32: Armando: I'm Gonna Diss You
33: Nicolette: Dove Song
34: Lil Luis: Club Lonely
35: Fingers Inc: Can You Feel It?
36: Logic: The Final Frontier
37: Cece Rogers: Brothers and Sisters
38: Mark Rogers: Twillite for Some
39: Mister Fingers: What About This Love
40: Allison Limrick: Gettin' It Right
41: Inner City: Big Fun
42: Robert Owens: Visions
43: AL-Y-US: Follow Me
44: Bobby Konders: The Poem
45: Logic: The Warning
46: Underground Solution: Luv Dancing
47: Gate_Ah: Shelter
48: M1: Feel The Drums
49: Steve Poindexter: Work That Motherfucker
50: Plez: Can't Stop

This is my very first mix using only Serato and used the cue points and Flip feature quite a bit throughout. I also had to do some post work as well. It was quite the learning experience.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback from my mixes to the sound quality as all of the tracks were ripped straight from my vinyl collection.

Thx for listening!